Trinity Academy youth Concert

December 15, 2018. 

You are invited to attend

(watch for concert time)

Since Trinity Academy started giving their concerts at Peace it has been a rich blessing to us to have such talented and gifted young people in our midst. We truly enjoy watching them play and sing. To be able to see the faith and fulfilment shine thru their eyes is a joy to behold.  These young adults amaze me everytime i see and hear them. They are so young, and yet dedication is seen and heard in there violins, and voices.  Don't miss the chance to show them we support them in all they do. 

The mission of Trinity Academy

OUR MISSION is to educate young men and women in a true and integral Christian humanism, so that they can engage in all that is good in the culture of the world, knowing that science, art, and music are means of human refinement and that industry and commerce are means of human service.

Deck the Halls

Tis the season, It's time to decorate our church home!

Saturday Dec. 8th from 9:30 am to 12 pm. Bring anything you think might be of use or look good and come along to sing, laugh (at the singing) and have fun getting our church ready for the Christ Child.

We always have fun getting the church ready!!! 

Michael Allen Harrison

Teisha's Place Benefit concert

Michael Allen Harrison is back at Peace! Wednesday January 30, 2019.  He will be performing  in the sanctuary starting at 7 pm. 

Following a hot dinner of soups and bread.  His performance will be a fund raising event to support Teisha's Place, Peace Lutheran Church believes in supporting this wonderful home for transplant recipients and their family's.  It is a gratifying and heartwarming thing to hear a past recipient give testimony  of how much it has meant to them to have a free,  warm, and loving place for themselves and their family's during  this time. 

Please give generously