If your looking for a congregation that doesn't take itself to seriously, look no more.  We love to have fun with each other and

hold many events that do just that.  During coffee hour after worship is a great time to hold hot wheel car races, or have a men's hat and tie Sunday,  we make the most our of birthday's, anniversary's or the occasional retirement party.  Our council members take turns hosting events like minature golf, October fest,  and bowling parties.  We welcome meeting and greeting new people and making a new friends.  For an update on coming events see our calendar page. /calendar

God made us have voices to not just praise him, 

but to laugh, love,

and make merry with all the wonderful times he gives us. 

Fun found in Fellowship     2020

The more we pray the better we play, or is it the more we play the better we pray or.... 

The more we love each other the more we pray and play