'Roses are Red, Violets are blue

Some think Christians are stodgy, but that's just not true! 

We love to have fun, and invite all our friends

and when its all over, we think of ways to do it again'

Over the years i have used many of these 'corny' verses to convey a message,

The message is always about loving each other.

Thanks be to God,  He gave us the spirit to enjoy our lives and those we share it with.

Join us in our many adventures, call the office for current events

or check out our website events page. 


God made us have voices to not just praise him, 

but to laugh, love,

and make merry with all the wonderful times he gives us. 

Fun found in Fellowship   

The more we pray the better we play, or is it the more we play the better we pray or.... 

The more we love each other the more we pray and play