Are you looking for community?

Volunteer opportunities?

Peace in your soul? 

At Peace Lutheran Church in the heart of North Portland you will find a large church with a

small church family. We actually like not being a "mega" church.  We know each other, we know

each others families,  and we know we'd like to invite you to be part of our church family.

One way that people have always succeeded in meeting each other and forming friendships is through

working together, and sharing each others needs. We'd like to share our needs with you. 

Come and join us

you'll soon feel the joy! 

Worship Assistants

For many of you the thought of how or why a given thing happens during worship service never crosses your mind. All of the different areas that make up our Sunday morning worship service are done by committees made up of people just like you and I.  Different people are blessed with different talents and skills, some are worship assistants, some lectors, 

some make sure the altar is made ready with flowers and the communion trays. Our goals are the same, to make ready our church home to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We welcome you to join us in preparing our house.  



Being an acolyte holds a special place in the hearts of many.  It takes us back to a time in our youth when we first had the privilege of lighting the altar candles, or a special event like lighting the advent wreath.  As adults we don't loose that place in our hearts for the "candle lighters". We look forward each time we are in worship to see the candles being lite from the center of the altar out to symbolize the opening of the bible and worship service.  And then again at the close of

service watching them being extinguished from the outside of the altar back to the center as in closing the bible and end of this days worship service. 

From taking the offering, to counting the offering..... 

Opportunities abound...

We have bible collectors, children's sermon helpers, baptismal font fillers and skillful wine fillers.  We have council positions or great budget builders, we have something for all or just one thing for you, just let us know which you'd like to do.