Trust        Faith        Devotion

Worship and Communion

Pastor Berry brings his sermons to life. He knows Jesus loves each of us and wants us to know it too! 

With a friendly smile and a warm heart he brings Jesus to life before our very eyes. Jesus wants us to walk with him and in doing so learn that we can be saved by believing in him and accepting him as our Lord and Savior.  Pastor Berry wants us to know that thru Jesus Christ we will be saved and have eternal live.  

We have a lot to learn about God, Jesus, the church and our own spirituality.  Give it a try, it will change your life.  Our doors are open to receive you.

Adult Forum

Each Sunday morning is different, Each Sunday we come to bible study not knowing  

just what or how we will come to understand the lessons in it. 

We discuss the contents, and we learn from each other how the word and works of God

have influenced our lives.

Come and join us

We are all learning and experiencing life together. 

No supplys needed

Adult Forum

Don't miss out! The coffee's hot, the fellowship is great and the word is truth, join us in our informal Sunday bible study. Pastor Berry Scruggs lead the studies each week. We love to have new people join in with a different perspective and a chance to toss around different ideas.  It is never to late to come and join in!  


Women's Bible study

We have a wonderful women's Bible study at Peace Lutheran.  It is lead by women that have a firm foundation in the Christian faith and a loving spirit.  We have used the Gather Magazine for many seasons and find it a wonderful, insightful and inspirational study guide. We meet the third Saturday of the month from 9 am to 11am.  We supply copies of the weeks study so don't hesitate if you don't have one. 

( dates change from time to time so check our calendar or call the office for updates) 503-289-1070