The Maintenance and Care of our Church Home

We are very blessed to have men and women that give so freely of their time and talents to keep our church home

beautiful and in good repair.  We give thanks for them everyday. 

'It takes a village' 

It takes a village (community) of different people interacting and working with each other in order that we might enhance our church grounds and keep our church home in good repair and pleasing to God.  

God made us fit together so we may partner in all callings to glorify him and give thanks each day for our blessings and each other. 

From the beginning in 1892 we have had been blessed with fine, hard working men and women that saw the need to have a place to gather and praise God in our neighborhood.  That spirit has never died, still today we have dedicated hard working people that give freely of their time and talents to keep our church  home clean, neat, and in good repair.  

If you would like to be a part of the community of Peace Caretakers we would love to invite you to come and join us. 

Feel free to call our office administrator Marilyn Hardt  for more information.  


Kitchen Angels in disguise

Many hands make light work, light work makes many friends. 

Special days in the kitchen

During the year we hold many special events here at Peace. It is something we love to do and it also is a wonderful way to do community outreach. It is not true that food is the way only to a mans heart, it is the way to all peoples hearts.  The food we think of when we say 'kitchen' is only the beginning of how we prepare and feed ourselves and others.  We are also feeding our souls with the fellowship we have with each other as we work.  There  are so many wonderful things that happen as you prepare a meal together.  Come and prepare food with us and get feed with the  blessings of friendship and love and happy laughter.  

Drop by  see what  you think, then ask the question "how can I help".  We'll look forward to meeting you. 

Festive Holiday Helpers

With Great Joy... we prepare for wondrous events in the life of the church year. 

A time for special preparations

Certain times of the year such as Christmas and Easter the seasons just seem to ooze wonderment, awe, and great joy.  During those times  we often find ourselves more contemplative, more joyful, even more hopeful. That is Gods will! That is his plan to keep us remembering the 'reasons for the seasons'.  

We decorate his house, we fill candy eggs for children and we await the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. 

It is a wonderful time to come to Jesus.  

Come and work with us to be ready for him and learn as you go. 

For more information contact Lillian in our church office.