Pastor Berry Scruggs

We are so blessed at Peace, We have such an amazing Pastor. Pastor Berry brings so much life to our Christian journey. He knows how to bring the word and works of Christ to us in many ways.  The seriousness of his death on the cross,  the joy of his birth and the miracle of our forgiveness.  Pastor Berry and Judy both have a playful side. They don't hesitate, but jump right in to participate in our many outreach events. We are truly blessed to have them in our midst.  They are a joy. 



We couldn't do it without them. 

  • Office Administrator:   Lillian Knight

    Lillian  came to Peace in June of 2017

    and since has made herself invaluable. 

    She is gracious and loving to all she

    meets and greets. She came to

    Peace with a variety of office  

    experience  putting it to good

    use in every thing she does. 

  •              Custodian:  Bit

    Bit comes to us highly recommend. He has done our floors in

    the past and they shine like a new penny when he is done. 

    We hired Bit and his company Sept 2022 as our church custodian. 

    If  you see him say hello, He is friendly and very gracious.