Pastor Berry Scruggs



We couldn't do it without them. 

  • Office Administrator:  Marilyn Hardt

    Marilyn is a faithful lifetime member of Peace Lutheran. 

    She became our office administrator in 2023. 

    She is gracious and loving to all she

    meets and greets. She came to

    Peace with a variety of office  

    experience  putting it to good

    use in every thing she does. 

  •              Custodian:  Bit

    Bit comes to us highly recommend. He has done our floors in

    the past and they shine like a new penny when he is done. 

    We hired Bit and his company Sept 2022 as our church custodian. 

    If  you see him say hello, He is friendly and very gracious. 

Volunteers are priceless

Our volunteers help to keep us running smooth

  • Treasurer: Lillian Knight

    Lillian Knight is our newest

    member to the financial team

    here at Peace Lutheran. 

    Her skills and willingness to

    take on this job are a

    God send. 

    Thank-you Lillian and welcome. 

  • Financial Secretary: Marilyn Hardt

    Marilyn Hardt is our newest member

    of the financial team at Peace. She so

    graciously volunteered to work with

    Lillian Knight keeping us on track and

    the books balanced. She comes to us with plenty

    of skill and the willingness to do the job. She has a big smile, 

    a warm heart and a great personality. 

    You can contact Marilyn

    thru the church office. 


  • The Messenger helper:  

    Pam Tokstad

    Pam in an unsung hero.

    She stays behind the scenes

    in her volunteer work for Peace. 

    With her help our monthly

    Messenger newsletter gets

    correlated, folded and sealed.  

  • Thank-you

    Ruth 2:12

    May the Lord, the God of

    Israel, under whose wings

    you have come to take

    refuge, reward you fully

    for what you have done.