We couldn't do it without them. 

  • Pastor Berry Scruggs

    All Pastors come to  their calling in different ways and at different times in their lives. Pastor Berry spent his first career as  a tax accountant.  After years of working with numbers and tax laws he felt the call of his Lord Jesus Christ to become an active member of the Lutheran Church.  At an Oregon Synod assembly he was confronted with the idea of becoming a Pastor,  He and Judy loaded up the car and headed off to seminary.  After he completed his studies they spent twenty months in Boardman Oregon completing his internship, until he was called to Hoodland Lutheran Church in Welches, Oregon.  He served there for seventeen years until he and Judy decided to retire and recharge their batteries. In 2013 he began doing worship services at Miramont Pointe and also doing pulpit supply fill ins for various churches. In 2016 he was invited to fill in as pulpit supply here at Peace Lutheran.  God had a plan for each of us, In his wisdom and loving he put Peace Lutheran and Pastor Berry Scruggs on a collision course that set the stage for our having a loving, gracious Pastor that has helped us know that we are loved and that we are doing God's work in our church and our lives. 

    God is great, Amen

  • Office Administrator : Lillian Knight

    Lillian  came to Peace in June of 2017 and since has made herself invaluable.  She is gracious and loving to all she meets and greets. She came to Peace with a variety of office  experience  putting it to good use in every thing she does. 

  • Custodian: Rachel Propst

    Rachel is the custodian of Peace. She began working for us a number of years ago and is an invaluable addition to our staff.  You'll often see her vacuuming with no shoes on, earpods plugged in and singing to whatever music is going on.  It is a wonderful thing to see someone doing their job and smiling while doing it.